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Professional photos, videos and graphic design

Do you want to capture every moment of your wedding? Are you searching for a videographer to shoot your band’s music video? Scott Johnson Photography offers skilled photography, videography and graphic design services.

Scott's lifelong passion for recording memories led him to offer his creative skills to Texarkana residents. Now you too can benefit from his talent. Schedule an appointment with Scott Johnson Photography by calling 903-244-8738.

Customized packages for every occasion

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to photos, videos and graphic design. Fortunately, Scott Johnson Photography offers a variety of packages that are tailor-made to your event.

Scott is a multi-talented professional with an in-depth understanding of:

Natural – continuous – strobe lighting | retouching | videography | graphic design | audio production

After you select your photography or videography package, Scott will gather information about your preferences and the location of the shoot. Gaining an in-depth understanding of the aesthetic you’re going for will ensure that Scott meets your needs.

Call 903-244-8738 now to schedule an appointment.

Don’t wait until it’s too late – book Scott for your event today

Avoid having to settle for a less-talented photographer, videographer or graphic design artist who will turn out subpar work. Enjoy gorgeous pictures from your occasion with Scott Johnson Photography on the job.

Scott is ready to cover your Texarkana, TX event, capturing every moment. Get in touch with Scott Johnson Photography today.

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